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Gutter Installation: 6 Steps to Replacing Your Gutters

A properly placed gutter is an important feature in any home. Not only does it divert rainwater from the house, but it also protects the siding and soil around the foundation from damage. These easy steps will help you install gutters if your home does not have gutters or needs repair.

What Are the Steps for Installing Gutters?

1. Measure your home for your new gutters.

First, measure the perimeter of your roof to ensure that you buy enough gutter. Then, remember to measure the height of areas where downspouts will be located.

2. Gather the materials.

Once you have measured your home and made a list of exactly what you need for project completion, it’s time to gather your materials. Make sure you plan for an adequate number of downspouts so as not to overload your gutters.

3. Cut and join your gutters.

Based on your measurements, cut and join your gutters on the ground before taking them up the ladder. You can connect your gutter pieces by cutting a notch in the front corner of the first piece. Take the piece you want to connect, place gutter sealant around the edge, and then hook it to the notched section of the first piece. Next, attach corner pieces using your drill and rivets. Make sure to seal any extra seams afterward. If you include a downspout, make sure you allow for an outlet in the gutter.

4. Hang your gutters.

To hang your gutters, use your hex head screws to screw them to the fascia. Make sure you hang your gutters at a downward slope so that they can fulfill their intended purpose. Gutters don’t do much good if all they do is hold standing water.

5. Install downspouts.

Make sure your downspout tubes run down your house and drain water away from the building. To attach your downspouts, screw two downward-facing elbows (positioned opposite directions and shaped like an S) to the gutter outlet. Next, cut extra gutter pieces into U-shaped brackets that you can screw to the wall of the house. Finally, screw the tube to the elbows, and use your crimper to fit the downspout to the U-shaped brackets.

6. Install flashers and hangers for your gutters.

Once you have hung your gutters, go back through and install flashers and gutter hangers for extra support.

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