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Your home is generally the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. So when it is time to update, upgrade and enhance it, dont let just anyone in.

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Nashville Roofing

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Roof Installs


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We're equipped to complete roof replacement projects of all types and sizes in Nashville and the surrounding area.

Residential and Commercial

If your roof needs help, reach out Everlasting Gutters & Siding today. You can count on us to fix everything from small leaks to significant damage.

Professional Team

We provide a range of roof repair services: Missing, curling or broken shingles. Pooling water problems, Punctures, dents or sags, and much more.

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These services provide our customers a full service to complete the perfect look for their homes. We will gladly take your project and make it our own.

Nashville, TN contractors repairing and installing gutters for residential homes



The most important day of your roof is the day of installation. We take pride in not only the appearance of your roof, but also the security of your home. Our continued goal is to always find new ways to serve our customers.


Roof repair is not something that every roofing company does. Our Team have the experience and expertise to address the source of the problem and fix any roof problem. One of the largest complaints we hear from homeowners about previous roof repair experiences with other roofers is that just did a quick patch job instead of a real longer-term repair.

We take great pride in our work, and always strive to deliver the highest possible quality of service. Everlasting Gutters & Siding offers complete roofing services on most types of roofs. From woodshake, to tile, flat, composite asphalt roofs and more, we do it all!

Replacement and New Construction of All Type of Roofs

Flat Roof services for commercial buildings and homes:

• Tile Roof repair and replacement services of broken tiles including repairing or replacing any cracked, chipped, or broken tiles, and repainting with emulsion for longevity.
• Shingles,
• Wood Shake is a wooden shingle made from logs of different grades We can repair, replace or install a wood shake roof in a quick turnaround time for a reasonably competitive rate.

Gutters and Siding

We created a company that would provide quality work and a great customer service. The type of customer’s service where the customer feels that I am doing their house as if was mine. We care for each customer regardless of their economic background and treat everyone with fairness and importance. ``Things in life do not always last, but I can assure that the quality, service, and accessibility of my work will forever be everlasting.``