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Say Goodbye to Debris in Your Roof and Gutters

Unprotected gutters provide a convenient entry point to your warm and inviting roof space, which then becomes a nesting site and food source for a host of common household pests such as birds, possums, rats, mice, and snakes. Having unwanted problems around your home is not only annoying and expensive; it can pose serious health risks too.
Gutters clogged with debris and leaf matter can lead to pooled water, providing the perfect breeding ground for the deadliest pest of all – mosquitoes.
Installing high-quality, all-steel gutter guards can help protect your property and family’s health by cutting off access to your roof.
Here are some tips to help you.

Remove the Debris Regularly

The easiest solution to getting rid of pests and animals is to regularly remove the debris that accumulates in your gutters and downspouts. Even downspouts that are partially clogged can create standing water in the gutters. If this standing water remains in place, then insects will be attracted to the location and mosquitoes.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have cleaned out the gutters or had a professional provide the service for you, it is a good idea to use your water hose to make sure everything is flowing correctly. If there is still a blockage, then it may mean that your gutter has been damaged. In this case, it is best to call the professionals to inspect the gutters and determine what needs to be done.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards have been invented thanks to the desire for homeowners to keep their gutters free from debris without cleaning them every month. Today, there are all types of gutter guards to choose from that you can install that will keep your gutters free from debris and able to do their job.
Some of the most common types of gutter guards include:
  • Gutter screens with a mesh cover
  • Bottle brush gutter guards
  • Hole or slit gutter guards
  • Sponge or foam gutter guards
You can also have a complete gutter protection system installed. A permanent solution will help with all types of pest problems you may have experienced in the past.

Contact a Gutter Expert in Nashville, TN

When it comes to your gutters, you can’t ignore them. It can lead to water damage to your home’s roof and foundation. Avoid this by cleaning them regularly and using the information here.

If you need to schedule maintenance for your gutter, please feel free to call us and we’ll set an appointment for you.