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Nashville Gutters - Best Kind For Me

What is the Best Kind of Gutter for Me?

Which type of gutter is right for you? To answer this question, it’s necessary to take into consideration factors such as the kind of building, the type of structure, the material. etc. Let’s analyze this step by step.

What are the Kinds of Gutters?

Nowadays there are 3 main kinds of gutters used the most in the buildings, including:


The k-style is the most common one, is used mostly in modern houses, due to its appearance that resembles modern house’ crown molding. In fact, the owner can choose the color in the order it matches with their home.

Among its advantages, we can find that is cheap, easy to install, can handle more water during the rainy season, and has modern look.


This can be found mostly in older-style houses, as its name indicates its shape is with a half-circular pipe like an open ¨O¨ this one is a little more rustic normally is made of copper, one of its advantages is that is easy to clean, rustic look, but also is a little bit expensive, and heavier than the K-style.

Box Style

The main characteristic of this type of gutter is that this one is oversize and normally is used in industrial or commercial buildings, due to are designed to support large amounts of water.


There is a wide variety of materials in the market again all depends on which fits perfectly with your needs:


Aluminum gutters are commonly used because they’re cheap, lightweight, resistant to rust, and available in different colors, but it can be damaged by extreme temperatures.


This material is perfect for heavy-duty and has the ¨patina¨ look but is most expensive and is heavier so it could lose more often.


This material is also cheap and easy to install but unlike aluminum is only available in white color.

With this information will be easier to decide which gutter is better for your home.

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