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maintaining your nashville home exterior

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Exterior

We, as experts, know that any tangible property requires tender love and care, and today we are going to talk about home. Daily your home could accumulate damages, wear and tear, and aging features that could affect its overall aesthetics and value.

While many homeowners emphasize renovating the interiors and ensuring all of its upkeep, it is only fair to invest in sufficient maintenance for your exteriors. Therefore, we have written a quick guide with some tips to follow for your home to retain its beautiful exteriors.

Exterior Paint Needs to be Washed

Most homeowners fail to realize how much of a pounding their paint takes from Mother Nature. Every time the window blows dirt into the air around your home, it will usually land on the exterior paint. As a result, the color will look dirty and dingy over time.

The best tip is to whip up the best exterior house wash for just about any type of exterior by adding a few squirts of dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Swish the water around a little, and then dip a soft-bristled shop broom into the soapy water. Then, brush on the solution horizontally, starting at the bottom, and work your way up, covering as much as you can reach from one position at a time. Starting from the bottom helps prevent unsightly streaks. After that, rinse from the top down with water.

Besides soap and water, a solution of three parts white vinegar to seven parts water also works well on vinyl siding and painted homes. Do not use this on brick or stone, as the vinegar may etch or damage mortar or stone.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are undoubtedly an essential part of your home. Its purpose is to regulate the flow of rainwater, protecting your roof, landscaping, and walls. However, falling leaves from surrounding trees and debris in rainwater make these channels prone to clogging. As a result, a clogged gutter hinders the proper water flow, leading to rainwater overflow and subsequent damage to your entire roofing system.

Double Check Your Downspout

Take a look around the perimeter of your home to check for downspouts that have become detached from your home. If downspouts become detached or faulty, water will not get directed away from the house and can lead to water intrusion or even foundation issues. In case of damage, contact an expert. It is a minor fix that can save you significant cash.

Replace Siding

Replace your siding to maintain your home’s exterior. Siding serves as a weatherproof solution for your home to prevent damage caused by wind, rain, or snow. Failing to replace rotten, cracked, or warped Siding negatively impacts your home’s interior and exterior.
Siding should be replaced every 10 to 20 years to remain effective. You can fix minor siding repairs, but significant jobs are best accomplished by a professional. Contractors possess essential knowledge and skills for purchasing quality materials and installing Siding properly to save you time and money. Search for siding contractors near you to locate the perfect option.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

The roof of your house is one of the essential parts of keeping your home safe and dry. No matter how careful you are with the upkeep of indoor areas, if you don’t also take care of the exterior, water can seep in, rot wood and destroy the interior. It’s easy to forget about maintaining your roof because you only see it inside your home. If you’re looking for signs of trouble, start with a visual inspection from an outside vantage point. Then determine if you can solve the problem or try reaching an expert. In that way, you will save money and time.

If you need to schedule maintenance, please, feel free to call us, and we’ll set an appointment for you.