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5 Signs That You Need New Siding

Replacing your home’s siding may not be a project you ever expected to do. But it can improve the look and feel of your home. Modern vinyl styles look great with any architecture, including colonial and Victorian homes.
Siding isn’t just about improving the aesthetics. It also protects your home from moisture. There are several reasons you may need to replace the siding on your home.

Here are five signs that your siding needs to be looked at:

  1. Does your vinyl siding look chalky?
  2. Are the J channels or siding panels cracked?
  3. Is the siding wavy?
  4. Does the siding frequently come loose in areas?
  5. Do the siding panels appear to be uneven at the seams?

Does Your Vinyl Siding Look Chalky?

In other words, when you run your finger across the panel, do you find a residue that looks like chalk? It might mean that you need to clean your siding. All siding warranties require that you maintain your siding by power washing your siding one to two times a year. However, the chalky residue could also mean that the finish on your siding has worn out.

Are the J Channels or Siding Panels Cracked?

J-channel is around the perimeter of the top, bottom, and sides of the siding panels, which hold the siding into place.

Is The Siding Wavy?

Sometimes the siding will wave due to expansion and contraction due to the heat and cold temperature fluctuations over time. Most siding is subject to this, and the siding wears out as the years go on. It typically occurs when a lower or builder-grade vinyl siding is used during construction.

Does the Siding Frequently Come Loose in Areas?

It will occur when the siding has been nailed too tight or loose during installation. Wind will easily cause this to happen.

Do the Siding Panels Appear to be Uneven at the Seams?

Many reasons cause vinyl siding to wear out and require replacement. These are just several observations that you can look at to determine whether you might need to replace the vinyl siding on your home.
The mil thickness and color application often determine whether a vinyl siding product will last for many years. Like any product we purchase, there are different grades and qualities of vinyl siding, and most manufacturers offer a variety of grades to meet a particular need.
Every vinyl siding manufacturer I’m aware of offers a “Limited Lifetime” warranty. Each warranty, however, has a pro-rated period that can run out of protection time very quickly. Therefore, every Limited Lifetime warranty is precisely what it states, limited!
Some manufacturers apply a paint finish to their vinyl siding after the panels have been formed, while others will mix colorants to the mixture during the actual forming process. However, applying a paint finish after the panel has been formed typically will not last as long as the colorant process.

Siding Replacement in Nashville, TN

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